Sprint Retrospective #6

During our last sprint we added some new features to our Tabs component. We were able to include buttons for adding and deleting tabs as well as a checkbox that selects a new tab when it is added. We also added some extra form fields within each tab. I think this was a very successful […]

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Sprint Retrospective #5

During Sprint #5 my team continued development of the Tabs branch in the AMPATH project. During our last sprint, I pushed a simple tabs component to Github. This sprint, we refactored the code to add a forms component for each tab. Overall, this was a very productive sprint. The tabs component that I had originally […]

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Sprint Retrospective #4

Sprint #4 was a very productive sprint for my team. We were able to get a lot of research and planning done in regards to the tab component that we will be creating for the AMPATH project. We also narrowed down the exact functionality that this component will have and discussed how it will interact […]

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Sprint Retrospective #3

During our third sprint we finally got an idea of what we will be coding for this project. Greg Shmidt from AMPATH sent us videos that showcased wireframes of the electronic medical record system that they are requesting. The main thing that I did during this sprint was watch these videos and start planning with […]

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